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Miscellaneous Animals for Sale

We have some other animals for sale that are not Pygoras, but fiber-related. We took in 2 Suri Alpacas when the pandemic hit due to a family farm being lost. We have cared for them for over a year, but I don't know much about alpacas, so I would like to sell them to a good home that knows more about them. 

We also have a pygmy goat that has been impregnated twice. Her babies have Pygora-like hair, but cannot be registered, so we are selling her babies if anyone is interested. Please see pictures below.

Suri Alpacas

The Suri without the man is named Midnight and he is beautiful! The Suri with the man is named Blue, although his fiber isn't as illustrious, he is the sweetest! Midnight is more timid, whereas Blue is very comfortable and loving around people.

Neither are registered, and Blue is castrated and has a back leg limp, but it doesn't seem to impact anything else.

Midnight: $500

Blue: $300


These are babies that came from a pygmy mom and a Pygora buck. They cannot be registered, but still produce some fiber.

The black/brown and the white one are for sale for $125 each.

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